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ID: 698 Status: Closed

MySQL Error: Invalid default value for 'backtime'

Hi,I am on VPS with Ubuntu 16.04.When I try to install CMS, it returns with MySQL Error: Invalid ...

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ID: 695 Status: Closed

Integrar tickets en el cms

Buenos días.Tengo compados tanto el ms como helpdeskHe visto que el cmas tiene integrados tickets ...

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ID: 674 Status: Closed

CMS Bootstrap3 admin

Hello,I installed CMS Bootstrap was my hosting location. The installation was successful, but the ...

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ID: 665 Status: Closed

CMS - frontend build menu

Hi Jerome,CMS uses build menu in function.php  - ' jak_build_menu () '.this menu have only one ...

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ID: 662 Status: Closed

Can’t achieve last step of installation wizard

Hello,Please note that the followings were done on a remote server ; with domain name that I only ...

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ID: 658 Status: Closed

Plugin forum

Hello,Do you plan to create a forum plugin?For the new version?Thank you

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ID: 632 Status: Closed


Hi Jerome,So far my website look just perfect in every screens size, except for the slider, it ...

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ID: 625 Status: Closed

Contact form

Hello,How to add a link in the contact formNew field with a check box and optionI read it and ...

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ID: 624 Status: Closed

CMS - Heat Map

Hi Jerome,how work Heat Map in CMS? Whera can I display this map please?

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