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ID: 28 Status: Closed

CMS 1.4 - new category manager

Hi Jerome.I tested your new version CMS 1.4 and I found maybe small bug. New category manage not ...

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ID: 25 Status: Closed

Custom Template

Hi Jerome,I need creating custom template. I have website and I want to implement ...

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ID: 23 Status: Closed

Wrong title on user search

Hi,I tested CMS on XAMPP, localhost.I found strange behavior CMS.1.  General Settings > ...

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ID: 14 Status: Closed

Change favicon and logo

Coud you please tell me how to change favicon and logo?I know in the frontend can change logo but I ...

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ID: 13 Status: Closed

User manual please!

I have no coding knowledge and need too much help because there is no user manual of the software, ...

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ID: 11 Status: Closed

Add user to post on blog

I have another question. Firs of all thank you for the support.How can I add a user that can post ...

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ID: 10 Status: Closed

User manual for CMS

Because I saw the 3 videos that you post on youtube and non of they worked for me. If you want to ...

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ID: 3 Status: Closed

CMS updated

We have just updated CMS. Added a easier way to edit comments and fixed a few bugs, no database ...

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