Support Tickets - Can’t achieve last step of installation wizard

Can’t achieve last step of installation wizard

CMS 09.02.2017 126 Support Status: Closed Solution: Yes Keepshango


Please note that the followings were done on a remote server ; with domain name that I only use to test scripts installation :

I created a website (subdomain) and a database from control panel
I removed default “favicon“, “robots“, and “index“ flies from web root directory (chmod to 777)
I uploaded all content within “upload“ folder to web root directory
I chmod to 777 every folders and subfolders that were within “upload“ folder
I changed file ““ to “db.php“
I set “dp.php“ file so it matches with the database created from control panel
*** And I also *** :
- define('FULL_SITE_DOMAIN', '');
- define('JAK_USE_APACHE', 1);

Btw, I observed that when selecting the recursive mode “subfolders only“ from different FTP clients, all files were also affected ; so I chmod folders and subfolders one after the other….

I did all steps described above 3 or 4 times to test the script installation (and removed the “install“ folder after the second step of installation wizard is completed ), but I could never achieved the last step of the installation wizard.

******* FAILURES *******

*** 1 *** (script downloaded from codecanyon account weeks ago)
Once, I had to reset the database prefix setting as default (‘’) so I could access the dashboard directly (???) and logout. But when back to the login page, my password was not recognized, and secondly I was returned an error page when I clicked the link that I was sent by email to reset my password….

*** 2 *** (from script downloaded yesterday)
At another try, the wizard window invited me to do the last step but without showing none link to go further on ???

*** 3 ***
At the last try, the wizard window (first steps) shows ERROR MESSAGE : config.php not available!

Otherwise, cans I leave the database prefix in “db.php“ files as default (‘’), or does it require an entry (there is no field for such this entry on my control panel) ?

I have been searching what’s wrong during hours, but no success ; and I need to know exactly what to do because I will soon guide a friend that is interested in your product.



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