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ID: 740 Status: Closed

link exchange plugin?

Hello,QuestionWhy not add a link exchange plugin?Thank you

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ID: 728 Status: Closed

tamaño maximo archivos

Estoy buscando en la seccion faq del cms donde aumentar el tamaño de los archivos que se pueden ...

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ID: 724 Status: Closed

More problems after updating

Good morning ... after updating the cms the slider has disappeared from the home page ... it leaves ...

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ID: 721 Status: Closed

CMS 2.3.1

CMS 2.3.1 - problem with install.$jakdb->query(INSERT INTO .DB_PREFIX.pages VALUESmissing value for ...

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ID: 720 Status: Closed


When i press check for updates get this message: Cannot access the release file.

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ID: 717 Status: Closed

News modification

When i create a news i have no error.But if i try to update it i have this error:It's strange ...

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ID: 716 Status: Closed

Current Version: 2.3 to 2.3.1

When i try to update CMS all work:admin/lang/de.ini........... Updatedadmin/lang/en.ini........... ...

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ID: 715 Status: Closed

2.3.1 ADMIN

After update from 2.3 to 2.3.1 can't access admin panel always redirect to homepage!

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ID: 714 Status: Closed

No direct file access! bug?

Hola otra vez....Lo siento pero creo que hay otro error.Tras la actualización en el area del ...

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