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ID: 836 Status: Open

Latest update - mobile issues

Hello - I have updated to the latest Live Chat 3 version but now the phone responsiveness is ...

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ID: 835 Status: Open

LiveChat3 App Status

I just cut one of our clients over to LC3 and the first report I got back is they like it but they ...

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ID: 831 Status: Open

Gateway addon

HelloAs a business it's great to be able to pay via credit / debit card or paypal, but as we grow I ...

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ID: 827 Status: Open

Translate Dashboard Live Chat 3 en Cloud chat 3

Hi Jerome,When people login to my dashboard the front is english ...

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ID: 826 Status: Closed

Chat email script

Hi Jerome,When client ask for chat email script and when you recieve it. Somethings are not in ...

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ID: 822 Status: Open

Buttons and update service

HelloUnder buttons I can not select a button, is that right?And when I check for update it says ...

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ID: 821 Status: Closed

Design showing in Chrome

HelloWhen I go into Chrome / then dash board yesterday the design wasn't showing up correctly so ...

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ID: 820 Status: Open

Support Tickets Status

HelloSo by the other resolved ticket I am taking that as if you feel it's resolved then it doesn't ...

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ID: 819 Status: Closed

Submitting a ticket

HelloYou have told me and others that we should have one question per ticket or stick to the topic, ...

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