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HelpDesk 3 - The complete Support Solution

Helpdesk, Live Chat, Client Management

The one and complete support solution for your business. Live chat, email to ticket, client management, billing and much more.

HelpDesk 3 has all you need. Engage your website visitors and turn them into customers, support your customers, client management and billing in one package.

Modern and easy to use support platform including access to native iOS and Android mobile apps with push notifications, chat with your customers anytime.

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Provide professional support has never been easier

See what HelpDesk 3 offers to your business.

Make your clients happy with an easy to use support solution! HelpDesk 3 has been made to have an all in one solution including Live Chat, Support Tickets, Email to Tickets, Client Management, Billing, Client Api, FAQ, CMS and a Blog. All build into one platform for the most affordable price you can imagen. Plus free access to native iOS and Android apps with native push notifications.

The support solution

Support your customer through support tickets, live chat or email to tickets. Teach your clients with the build in FAQ database and inform them via the blog system. Create unlimited pages with content, images and videos straight from the content management system. Bill customers with the smart credit system or select the membership based payment system. When we say complete we mean complete!


HelpDesk 3 for your and everyones Website

You can embed the live chat, support and faq area into any website you like. HelpDesk 3 is fully mobile optimised and responsive for all screen sizes. Modern and fast, easy to use for clients and operators!

Earn Money with the build credit or membership payment system

HelpDesk 3 has a complete billing system integrated, charge your clients either per ticket or chat request or make the payments daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. The two most famous payment gateways are already included more to come. Accept payments via Paypal or Credit Cards, HelpDesk 3 will do the rest.

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Fully integrated Live Chat 3

Our famous Live Chat 3 has been fully integrated into HelpDesk 3. You can even charge money per chat request.

Learn more about Live Chat 3

See how beautiful it is

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Feedbacks about HelpDesk 3

“Coming from HelpDesk 2 we have expected a lot and what an upgrade! Keep up the good work, we love it!”

“First of all hands off to you guys for your effort and nice, super tool. Good work JAKWEB team.“

“The support solution we have waited for, thank you very much!“

Technical background of HelpDesk 3

A few information from the roots

HTML 5 & CSS 3

The latest and greatest

We only use the latest technology in web coding. We make sure it works on the latest browsers and is fully mobile optimised.


Vanilla and a little bit of jQuery

All embed codes are vanilla javascript only to have full speed without compromise. The rest has been built on jQuery to have some nice effects.

Bootstrap 4

The best CSS Framework

We have build HelpDesk 3 on the most reliable and mobile first css framework. Optimised to the last bit of code.

Fully Responsive

and great on Desktops

The mobile world is growing every day and HelpDesk 3 will not let you down. Fully responsive and mobile first.

Easy to embed

CMS, Wordpress, Joomla and co.

Embed the Live Chat, Support and FAQ area into any website no mather you run our CMS, WordPress, Joomla, Presta Shop, XT-Commerce, Typo 3 or plain HTML.

Live Chat 3

The best live support chat

We have included the best live support chat into HelpDesk 3 with no compromises. Embed into any website and fully connected to your clients.

Android & IOS Apps

Native is fast

For the two biggest mobile operating systems we offer native apps with push notifications. Get your copy on the app or play store.

Desktop Apps

Mac, Linux and Windows

For a small fee with your own icon we will send you a native desktop app that connects to your very own HelpDesk 3 installation.

Push Notifications

iOS and Android

Native push notifications build into our iOS and Android apps are included and available after purchase. Plus full control with our push server.

Desktop Notification

Modern Browsers

Build in Desktop Notifications will keep you in touch with your customers. They work on all modern browsers.


Email to Ticket

Setup unlimited email accounts and let HelpDesk 3 fetch the emails and convert them into tickets.

Search engine Friendly

Google, Bing and Yahoo

Optimised html code, share images and search engine friendly URL's is just the beginning.

Get HelpDesk 3

The complete professional support solution for all client needs!

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