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ID: 918 Status: Open

Feature request: improvments

Hi,can you add the possibility to:Have an option to disable the message box on Knock Knock (I want ...

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ID: 908 Status: Open

Feature Request

HI Jerome,Could you consider adding the ability to add predefined URLs in teh same way you can add ...

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ID: 871 Status: Open

Billing page

Hello there.  I think the dash board page is becomming a little to busy, would it be possible for ...

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ID: 855 Status: Closed

Live Chat 3 - Issue and missed functions.

Live Chat 3 - Issue and missed functions.1. Sound message are played on every new message only for ...

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ID: 851 Status: Open

Feature request

Hi thereI would love to see the following features in Cloud Chat 3....1) The ability to set ...

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ID: 820 Status: Closed

Support Tickets Status

HelloSo by the other resolved ticket I am taking that as if you feel it's resolved then it doesn't ...

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ID: 819 Status: Closed

Submitting a ticket

HelloYou have told me and others that we should have one question per ticket or stick to the topic, ...

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ID: 781 Status: Closed

Issue and suggestion

Hi,I want report to you some important issue with this chat software.First... I test in Firefox and ...

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ID: 778 Status: Open

CMS - Plugin Blog - frontend

Bad count$resultgt = $jakdb->query('SELECT COUNT(*) as totalAll FROM ' . $jaktable . ' WHERE ...

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