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ID: 725 Status: Open


Hi Jerome!How do I get the button off in responsive mode? There are two buttons (1 on the side and ...

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ID: 622 Status: Open

Random department

Minha empresa tem vários atendentes, então eu criei um departamento para cada um dos atendentes, ...

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ID: 615 Status: Closed

Logs not recorded after update

Hi - the update to 3.01 seems to be working better than 3.0 but I have noticed the log files are ...

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ID: 574 Status: Closed

Answers / Text - Standard Response

Is the Standard Response in Answers / Text supposed to prompt the user after the time set?I have a ...

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ID: 572 Status: Closed

Undefined variable Error

My developer is getting these errors trying to install the script on the test server, any ...

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ID: 567 Status: Open

Live Chat - Option to Load CSS and JS from widget

Hi,What do you think about adding an option to offload CSS and JS to the website the widget is ...

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ID: 548 Status: Open

Effect loading page

Hello, I noticed in this new version of chat 3. Loading the page has a very rare effect.

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ID: 547 Status: Open

Google Analytics - Track Chat initiated by the client

Hi. I was wondering if you could help me find a way to track a chat initiated by the client. So ...

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ID: 542 Status: Closed

Statistics Custom Range - Error 500

Hi. Im gettign an error 500 when I try to select a Custom date range in the Statistics page.This is ...

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