Live Chat 3 The One

Never miss a customer again, deliver first class support, operator conferences, operators private chat and all that without special modifications on your web server or mobile phone. All you need is a device with a browser.

Chat is always available

Customers can start a conversation anytime when surfing your website. You can install LiveChat on multiple sites under one installation that will get you in touch with even more customers.

Engage customers anytime

Make the first step towards a conversation by inviting customers to chat. Greetings sent automatically to customers will let them know that you are available and ready to help.

It's beautiful

What is Live Chat? It's beautiful, simple and it works! Live Chat will get you closer to your website visitors and eliminates customers being stranded on your website.

We have build Twilio, Plivo / Nexmo into Live Chat Business which can send you a text message or email (free) each time a customer needs your help, that way YOU don't even need to be online at all times.

Live Chat works and has been optimised for all mobile devices. Just login and answer the questions even when you on the road with your mobile device.


Learn more about this feature packed Live Chat solution.

  • Solve customer cases quickly and efficiently
  • No limits in operators, clients and chats
  • All your websites under one installation
  • Works in all browsers and devices
  • Engage customers on your website
  • Chat Bot with unlimited answers
  • Forward client to any URL
  • SMS notifications on new client
  • Email notifications on new client
  • Desktop notifications
  • Customers feedbacks
  • More then 10 Operator permission levels
  • Send any chat log to any email address
  • Customer can request chat log
  • Read customer chat logs anytime
  • Read operator chat logs anytime
  • Multi languages ready
  • Give your chat window a custom look
  • PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3 valid
  • Clean and fresh design, fast and secure
live chat features


Client location anytime.


Share files with your customers.

Intuitive Statistics

and much more.


Custom avatars operators.

And much more!

Try the demo and get hooked.

Easy to integrate

Live Chat is easy to install and integrate into your website. The 5 minutes setup will guide you trough to run your very one live chat. Integrate into your website is a mater of copy and paste a provided code.

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Smart Notifications on hands

Automatic text and email reminders make sure operators always be there when a client needs their attention. We have integrated three SMS services Twilio, Plivo or Nexmo or just use the free email reminder.

Never miss a customer

In case nobody is online a contact form can be shown which collects the same information as a live chat conversation. You won't miss a thing and you can contact the client straight from your operator panel.

Client History

Returning customer? Check the history and pick up the conversation when he left the last time. Smart client history finder will make sure you are always up to date.

Demo and Purchase

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Pre Sales Questions, Contact and Support

We have one of the best rated support on the market and should you run into problems we are always here to help you out.

Should you have any pre sales questions, please start a chat with use. In case we are offline please use our contact page.

Customer support, please use our support area.