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ID: 562 Status: Closed

Directory/URL path bugs on login and home pages

Hello,Prior to give you the bug description, please note DIRECTORY and URL paths that may help to ...

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ID: 561 Status: Closed

CMS 2.3 feedback

Hi Jerome,thanks for your works.Sidebar widget works in all pages and plugins, but is still bug in ...

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ID: 559 Status: Closed

CMS pre-upload issues

Hello,The comment on ligne 36 about adding SuperADMIN user is not clear to me : more user separate ...

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ID: 558 Status: Closed

CMS pre-upload issues

Hello,At line 33 within the db.php file, I am proposed to choose the files directory.What files : ...

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ID: 551 Status: Closed

No icon is displayed? CMS 2.3

Hello,We have a problem with fontawesome-webfont.ttf? V = 4.7.0No icon are displayed?Failed to ...

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ID: 524 Status: Open


Hi Jerome,For a new project I absolutly need CMS front end to be available in two languages , but I ...

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ID: 466 Status: Closed

Sign in and signup links

Hi J, Have some dificulties with CMS, For some reasons the Sign in and sign up, links has desapired ...

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ID: 441 Status: Closed

CMS - Plugin Blog uninstall.php

Fix bug in Plugin Blog - uninstall.php$jakdb->query('DELETE FROM tagcloud WHERE tag = ' . ...

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ID: 440 Status: Closed

CMS - Sidebar Widgets

Hi Jerome,Small Bug!!Isn't possible uncheck all items in ' Sidebar Widget ' for example in Blog ...

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