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ID: 614 Status: Closed

Few issues - Custom CSS - Slider images

Hi Jerome and my best wishes to you for 2017!I experience a few issues.For example:CSS file: I ...

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ID: 609 Status: Closed

After Install, can't access admin page

After install, click on admin and login then it goes to home page and can't access admin page. just ...

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ID: 582 Status: Closed

plugin wont show

Hi Jerome,I installed Ecommerce plugin, Checked Show in Header, set up a category (access to AL) ...

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ID: 573 Status: Closed

Plugin for Christmas? For CMS is HelpDesk

Hello,Do you have a plugin for Christmas?Falling snow on siteThank you

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ID: 571 Status: Open

Dating and social

Hello,Would it be possible to create a new pluginDating and socialTo create a dating site with the ...

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ID: 569 Status: Closed

CMS 2.3 - New plugin OWL

What is it OWL plugin please?thx

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ID: 566 Status: Closed

CMS - PHP eval()

Hi Jerome,Why we use function 'eval'?

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ID: 565 Status: Closed

icons/images missings

Hi Jerome,I started to play a little with my new CMS install (I really love the Admin panel!), I ...

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ID: 564 Status: Closed

Edit Page 404 Error

Is there a way to duplicate a page? and how do I edit it?I have created a new page from a new ...

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