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ID: 716 Status: Closed

Current Version: 2.3 to 2.3.1

When i try to update CMS all work:admin/lang/de.ini........... Updatedadmin/lang/en.ini........... ...

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ID: 715 Status: Closed

2.3.1 ADMIN

After update from 2.3 to 2.3.1 can't access admin panel always redirect to homepage!

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ID: 714 Status: Closed

No direct file access! bug?

Hola otra vez....Lo siento pero creo que hay otro error.Tras la actualización en el area del ...

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ID: 712 Status: Closed

Need help with installation

If it is not obvious, I am not a developer... I need help installing CMS, I cannot get the ...

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ID: 708 Status: Closed

Did you stop selling your CMS?

Did you stop selling your CMS?No sale of cms in shop sectionBest regards

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ID: 702 Status: Closed

Plugins CMS

When activate plugin on admin panel, example blog, after visiting, get error 404.

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ID: 701 Status: Closed

CMS Plugins

When i activate plugin on admin panel, when i acces it on frontend for example: ...

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ID: 700 Status: Closed

Frontend doesn't work

Hi,I installed CMS on VPS with Ubuntu 16.04.I encountered problems with MySql server but came over ...

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ID: 699 Status: Closed

Plugin soporte del cms

Tengo dos dudas sobre este plugin que no veo por la ayuda en ningus sitio.La primera es como el ...

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