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HelpDesk 1.7

We are proud to announce the availability of HelpDesk 1.7. The complete support solution has now the possiblity to fetch unlimited email accounts via PHP IMAP.We would like to thank you once again for all the ...

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PHP IMAP Fetch Emails

Since 1.6 it is possible to fetch one or multiple emails accounts and convert them into tickets.Minimum requirements on your server to run PHP IMAP: PHP IMAP extension installed. Cronjob to run every 10 ...

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Helpdesk imap

Hi team,I would like to know what will the imap do for helpdesk.  I would like to see the benefits of it.  Can that replace pipe if used solely for the purpose of creating a ticket from it?Let me ...

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HelpDesk 1.6 Pipe.php error

Hello,I just installed new 1.6 version. I have an issue, pipe.php is giving the following error:Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ';' in /home/xxxxxx/public_html/s2/soporte/pipe.php on line 214I tried ...

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[Prospect to setup] Email to Ticket

Hello,Could you setup my Helpdesk to import Emails into tickets? How much would it be?Let me explain you:My main email uses Google Apps, so the ideal would be to setup like Gmail configuration. Otherwise, If ...

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Sometimes I receive an alert about IMAP error

Hi,Sometimes I receive an error about IMAP connection. Once or twice a day. How can I disable this?Following error occured when trying to connect to the mailbox , with username : No such host as ...Regards

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Fetch emails with IMAP

Hello,I just installed the script on one of my sites, but I can't seem to get the fetching emails with imap working.   I run the cron job to ping http://www.mydomainname.com/cron.php but nothing comes in.My ...

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Imap Error

I've this error when fetching email from gmail:Following error occured when trying to connect to the mailbox , with username : Can't open mailbox {imap.gmail.com:993/imap/imap/tls/novalidate-cert}: invalid ...

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