Cloud Desk 3

Cloud Desk 3 - Fully SaaS Start your own professional HelpDesk Business Run your own HelpDesk ...

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CloudDesk 3 - Minimum Requirements

With CloudDesk 3 Self Hosted we offer one of the first fully automated self-hosted SaaS live support solution on the market. The minimum requirements for CloudDesk 3 is as follow:Minimum Requirements VPS ...

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CloudDesk 3 - SignUp Page

CloudDesk 3 signup form explained in the front end back end. How does it look like:What you need to editAfter purchasing and installing CloudDesk 3 on your server you will need to edit a few things on the ...

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Manual Engage Visitors

In all our solution you have the option to automatically engage customers with setting the URL and other parameters but you can also manually engage customer by going to the Online User List.By clicking either ...

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Paypal IPN

When using Paypal as a payment gateway please make sure you activate IPN in your Paypal account.What IPN is and how to activate can be found on the Paypal Website: Paypal IPN.

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Cloud Desk 3 - API for Clients

CloudDesk 3 has a great client api integrated. You can integrate this into your own website where your client create a user or change their data or delete their user profile. You need curl installed on your ...

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