HelpDesk 3

The complete support solution for your website visitors, the best way to help your customers. Don’t make your customers leave frustrated, get HelpDesk 3 today.HelpDesk 3 works with all websites, HTML, PHP, ...

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Native Apps

Buy our native Apps to publishing it under your own Name and with your own Logo and Design.One native App license includes:1 LicenseAndroid App *iOS App *Logo changeLink change* You have the option to purchase ...

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Exciting times Ahead

In the next couple of weeks we will introduce native apps for LCPS, Live Chat 3 and HelpDesk 3 available for IOS and Android.We have been working very hard to provide the best possible Live Chat solution for ...

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HelpDesk 3 - PreSales

HelpDesk 3 is around the corner and we now offer for a limited time 50% presale discount. Order before the clock hits Zero and you will receive a HelpDesk 3 copyright free license for 50% cheaper.HelpDesk 3 ...

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Copyright Link

After so many requests that our licenses are too expensive we changed our strategy. All our licenses are now available for a very reasonable price but will have a back link to our site and you cannot remove it ...

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Widget Whitelist CrossDomain

Placing the widget on a different domain than the one Live Chat 3 or HelpDesk 3 has been installed is called Cross Domain. When using a widget on different domains we have build in an extra security for your ...

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