Cloud Chat 3 / Version 2.3

Cloud Chat 3 - Version 2.3 is now available. We have added the option to set a standard package to be applied right after signup. Another step less for you when you want to apply more features to your clients ...

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Bug Fix Release / June 2019

First we want to say thank you for all the support and purchases! Without you it is not possible to continuously improve the software and add new features.We have released a new version for all our four ...

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Live Chat 3 - Version 4

We made it, in time and ready to rock. Live Chat 3 - Version 4 is now available. Our oldest Software has been rebuild from scratch. Brand new design, better performance and great features are now build ...

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Cloud Chat 3 - Version 2.5.2

We have just published a new release for Cloud Chat 3. Get ready for some performance improvements, bug fixes and library updates.The new cookie standard is also in place, so we are ready when it is ...

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Cloud Desk 3 - Version 1.2.1

We have received great Feedback about the new Cloud Desk 3 release a couple of days ago but it had also a few bugs that we quickly fixed.Changelog Fixed all reported bugs Improved ...

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Live Chat 3 - Version 4.0.7

Live Chat 3 is now available in Version 4.0.7 with bug fixes and performance improvementsChangelog Bug fixes and performance improvementsUpgrade to Version 4.0.7Simply run the auto updater or update manual ...

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HelpDesk 3 - Version 3.6.2

Bug fix and performance update for HelpDesk 3. Thank you very much for all the reports.Changelog Bug fixes and performance improvementsAuto Updater is back, simply open your operator panel - maintenance and ...

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