HelpDesk 3 - PreSales

HelpDesk 3 - PreSales

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HelpDesk 3 is around the corner and we now offer for a limited time 50% presale discount. Order before the clock hits Zero and you will receive a HelpDesk 3 copyright free license for 50% cheaper.

helpdesk3 discount

HelpDesk 3 has been completely rewritten from scratch and it is based on the latest Live Chat 3 technology. It will include a complete client management system with a smart billing system. Email to Tickets, FAQ, Blog and mini content management system to have it all together in one place. Clients can be pulled in from any third party system makes it the all in one support platform running on your server. Of course fully connected to our native mobile apps.

Hurry, the offer ends when the clock hits ZERO. Visit HelpDesk 3 and grab your license today.

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  • avatar mgoetze

    I just ordered. Awesome savings for such a great product. We are so excited about Help Desk 3 and all the features it will offer.  We will be checking the site every day until Sept 18.

    09.09.2017 3 Reply
  • avatar Jerome

    Thank you very much for your pre order! You are already in the HelpDesk 3 Group and as soon it has been published you have full access to it.

    Thanks again and have a great day.

    12.09.2017 1 Reply
  • avatar saul
    buy the previous version in evanto market and I would like to know if I have the right to download this version
    15.09.2017 0 Reply
  • avatar Jerome

    An upgrade for HelpDesk 2 customers is available for a reasonable price.

    Thank you.

    27.09.2017 0 Reply

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