Fetch emails with IMAP

21.08.2016 145
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I just installed the script on one of my sites, but I can't seem to get the fetching emails with imap working.   I run the cron job to ping http://www.mydomainname.com/cron.php but nothing comes in.

My settings look OK for imap, but I could be missing it.  For mailbox, i place the following 


and the other information requested which is correct, but it seems that this info for mail is not taking it.  I even tried mail.domain.com/imap, but nothing works.  

How else can I test this so that I can see that it works.  My server does have php imap enabled.  I have cpanel.

 Please advise on how to do this, as I'm frustrated and can't get it to work.

Many thanks.

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