CMS 2.1

Happy 4th of April! We are proud to release CMS 2.1 with a brand new template called Mosaic, CMS now offers 2 templates within the package with almost unlimited options. We have not just added a new template ...

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Free Business Cards

Get your hands on mondern und easy to use business card template made in Photoshop. After our very succesful One Page Business Template, we now release another freebie for you and of course it matches the one ...

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Create your own Template

Any content management system is only as good as your own template/mydesign. I'm sure you want your own design associated with your business or brand.The easiest way to start is to duplicate the existing file ...

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Custom Template

Hi Jerome,I need creating custom template. I have website www.bluesat.cz and I want to implement your CMS.CUSTOM TEMPLATE without STYLESHEET (I don't want styleswitcher)1. Step - Creating new template from ...

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Main Page Template

I think I've looked in the FAQs and could not find any pubslishing on this topic, forgive me if I have overlooked. But I am seeking guidance on changing the home page template that's used with the Help Desk ...

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