CMS 2.1

Happy 4th of April! We are proud to release CMS 2.1 with a brand new template called Mosaic, CMS now offers 2 templates within the package with almost unlimited options. We have not just added a new template ...

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Create your own Template

Any content management system is only as good as your own template/mydesign. I'm sure you want your own design associated with your business or brand. The easiest way to start is to duplicate the existing file ...

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Custom Template

Hi Jerome, I need creating custom template. I have website www.bluesat.cz and I want to implement your CMS. CUSTOM TEMPLATE without STYLESHEET (I don't want styleswitcher) 1. Step - Creating new template from ...

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Main Page Template

I think I've looked in the FAQs and could not find any pubslishing on this topic, forgive me if I have overlooked. But I am seeking guidance on changing the home page template that's used with the Help Desk ...

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