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CMS 17.11.2015 577 Support Status: Closed Solution: Yes bluesatkv

Hi Jerome,

I need creating custom template. I have website and I want to implement your CMS.

CUSTOM TEMPLATE without STYLESHEET (I don't want styleswitcher)

1. Step - Creating new template from original

This is in FAQ. It is simple.

2. Step - change preview image

I change image in root of my template ('tempate/bluesat').

3. Step - uninstall.php

File for uninstal Bluesat template. I change this from

$jakdb->query('DELETE FROM '.DB_PREFIX.'setting WHERE product = "tpl_jakweb"');


$jakdb->query('DELETE FROM '.DB_PREFIX.'setting WHERE product = "tpl_bluesat"');

4. Step - install.php

I remove all value in 'Insert tables into settings' without last row.

Last row is for information about template instalation

("cms_tpl", "bluesat", "1", "1", "yesno", "boolean", "tpl_bluesat")');

other value is only for styleswitcher.

Bluesat template v1.0 is in

Jerome, step 1 - 4 is OK or not?

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