Live Chat 3 / Version 3.6

Live Chat 3 / Version 3.6

About JAKWEB 28.05.2018 765

We are happy to announce the availablity of Live Chat 3 Version 3.6. All our software is now EU DSGVO conform.

The feedbacks and suggestions as well the bug reports have been implemented and fixed. Please read below the complete change log.

Change log

  • New template (slideout) available for the client chat
  • Added DSGVO Checkbox
  • Improved client transfer
  • Fixed operator selection in widgets
  • Fixed Desktop Notifications
  • Fixed live preview typing
  • Fixed issues in templates
  • Fixed path when renamed operator folder
  • Various small bug fixes
  • Updated Bootstrap to 4.1.1
  • Improved stability and speed

Thank you for all the feedbacks and bug reports!


Our support area is online and ready to rock. Should you have any support questions, feedbacks or bug reports go there.

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Thank you once again and enjoy Live Chat 3.

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  • avatar Jerome

    We have released version 3.6.2, 3.6.3. Now available in the download area or via Auto Updater.

    Change log.

    - Added the option to always receive notifications for the chat
    - Fixed chat messages not displayed in the case operator and client is sending at the exact same time
    - Fixed quickstart notifications
    - Fixed quickstart departments
    - Fixed various bug fixes
    - Updated Medoo (DB Framework)
    - Updated DropZoneJS

    21.06.2018 0 Reply
  • avatar Jerome

    Live Chat 3 is now available in Version 3.6.4.

    - Ready for the new app update
    - Improved client chat
    - Improved file sharing
    - Fixed quickstart double post
    - Fixed language phrase update
    - Fixed language for business hours
    - Updated Dropzone

    27.06.2018 0 Reply
  • avatar Jerome

    Version 3.6.5 is now available, following has been changed and fixed.

    - Changed / Fixed IP to GEO service
    - Fixed missing var in group chat
    - Fixed wrong var for single operator id
    - Added a missing phrase in the language files

    05.07.2018 0 Reply

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