Live Chat WebSocket

Live Chat Websocket is not available anymore, go for the business version way more advanced and no special configuration necessary. Live Chat - WebSocket the fastest and most server friendly live chat / ...

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Bootstrap 4

Bootstrap 4 is in alpha, news are exciting however it is still a long time to go till the final release. We have downloaded the first alpha version and we can't wait to build our first software for you on ...

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Internet Explorer is dead!Probably not but at least it is not popular anymore. For almost 20 Years it ruled the world wide web and made the job as a web developer a nightmare. 20 Years is a very long ...

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Live Chat Business 2.2

Live Chat Business 2.2 is now available through Auto Updater in your operator panel or in our download area for all our existing and of course new customers. This release will bring mainly bug fixes and ...

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Responsive Mobile Browser Test

Every web developer today will have to make sure that the website he builds is 100% mobile browser ready. With many CSS frameworks available like Bootstrap it is easy to build fully responsive websites, ...

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What can I do with CMS?

CMS is a software to build modern websites based on HTML5 and CSS3 and Bootstrap 3.You can do almost anything with CMS, because it is not blown up with any unnecessary functions it is a perfect platform for ...

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Hidden Live Chat

Hi Support,I setting live chat to hidden if no operator login to helpdesk system and only show when we login. This work perfect on browser but on mobile it keep showing.Appreciate your help on this.

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Mobile Phones

Odd problem. The live chat and departments all work great from a PC and a Tablet. But from a moblie phone Android (Not sure about iPhone) You can pull up the chat, put in your info and hit the Start Chat ...

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Meta Viewport

I have upgraded to Version: 2.6 and adjusted my setting but I am still having the same problem with mobile phones. But the problem has to do with the viewport meta tag If I remove it all is good,With it I have ...

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