Missing Menu Items

Hello JAK.I have the Live Chat Bisiness installed on my site.Everything seems to be working but my side menu only has Settings and it only lists the Users option.Am I missing something?Thanks in advance.Frank

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SMTP Connect() failed

SMTP Connect() failed. Please help me to rerair this sections . Error Screenshot: http://s2.postimg.org/r2v3jsv95/Error_smtp.png

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Add button on other websites

Hi I would like to add chat feature on other domains / websites Is this possibile ?Thanks

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Live Chat Business multiple installation okay?

Hi,We purchased Live Chat Business (single license - fulltime updates), and our production server is currently running version 2.2.1.We wanted to test out the new 2.3.0 to see if it fixes a small problem we ...

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Problems with clients using IE browsers

Hi.We are using Live Chat Business 2.3. My client is using IE browser (say, IE 11) to chat with us. We can receive the call.The client is able to send us ONLY 1 message, then he is unable to send out any ...

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IE browser problem - This session has expired

Hi,Thanks for the quick response on the previous IE problem (ID: 298). It worked!There's 1 remaining problem related to IE browsers (ver. 10, 11, etc) Whenever the dashboard people end the chat session ...

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Hello,I purchased the installation support after trying to install the script myself. I seem to have something wrong- I am hoping you can just reinstall or adjust. How should I get you access to my server? ...

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Live chat not working!!

Hello Jérôme Kägi,Thanks for the great script!I installed your script on http://www.livechat.biz15.co.in/operator/  >> created a department and using on http://yesdeeracks.com/index-1.html as a different ...

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Error Upload for admin and User

Regards,Hi, I have problem after upgrade to 2.6. I cannot send file/image/ Anything. After Upload (There is NOT anything in livechat). Help Me Please. This My Email: removed Help me. this very Emergency ...

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