IE browser problem - This session has expired

12.06.2016 192
Assigned to: Live Chat Option: Support Status: Closed Solution: Yes From: SSBG


Thanks for the quick response on the previous IE problem (ID: 298). It worked!

There's 1 remaining problem related to IE browsers (ver. 10, 11, etc) 

Whenever the dashboard people end the chat session ahead of the IE client press the red "End Conversation" button, the IE client will end up getting a repeating "This session has expired!" messages, without being redirected to the rating page like that of Firefox/Chrome. Closing the IE chat window and clicking the "Live Support" button will bring up the chat window with the same pinging "expired" messages again but without the Send/End Conversation/Textbox HTML widgets being shown. I can provide a screenshot of you'd like.

1) Is there a quick fix for this problem as well? (I'm already running v2.3  6-8-2016)

2) What's the date for Live Chat Business v.2.3 official release?  6-16-2016?

Thanks a lot!


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