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Blank Page

Should you get a blank page after uploading all files to your server and calling the installation wizard, something went obviously wrong but php error output is disabled by your host.Please refer to your ...

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DB Error (Prefix)

While installing I receive this error below. Please helpDB ErrorMessage:MySQL Query fail: CREATE TABLE a-zautoproactive ( `id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `path` varchar(200) NULL DEFAULT NULL, `message` ...

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DB Error

This error showing while tying to change ecommerce widget settings and some other section as well.

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SMTP Connect() failed

SMTP Connect() failed. Please help me to rerair this sections . Error Screenshot: http://s2.postimg.org/r2v3jsv95/Error_smtp.png

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Fatel Error after auto update

HiIn admin control panel I checked for available updates and when I click on the update it went into fatel error showingFatal error: Class 'jak_mysql' not found in /home/aadmissi/public_html/chat/config.php on ...

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Missing text areas on front end and backend

We have installed your system on our site http://lextel.pl/sos/Both on frontend and backend of system we have issues with text areas - they dont appear…try here on new ticket ...

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Sometimes I receive an alert about IMAP error

Hi,Sometimes I receive an error about IMAP connection. Once or twice a day. How can I disable this?Following error occured when trying to connect to the mailbox , with username : No such host as ...Regards

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Error mail Email Piping

Hi there,I was wondering, i'm getting by each new ticket a error mail with the subject Email Piping.The error text is dutch but it's the a10 lang row.The system works i think because i see the new tickets.You ...

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