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Apache htaccess

A few redirects for your root directory if your server is running on apache.Your .htaccess file should start with following two lines:RewriteEngine onRewriteOptions MaxRedirects=1Now we have different rules ...

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Ubuntu 14.04 and Virtualmin Part 3

Welcome to our last part of how to install Virtualmin/Webmin on Ubuntu 14.04.Should you have missed part 1 and part 2 you can read it here.In the last part we will cover how to setup your Nameserver, domain, ...

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SSL Certificate

All our software are ready for a SSL certificate means you can run any our software on https. To do so you will need to have a working SSL certificate installed on your server and switch our software (Live ...

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Live Chat is not showing

Lately we receive so many support questions that the Live Chat is not showing on the website. Let us explain what can cause it.First and Important: Your chat installation (operator) need to be SSL protected if ...

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Group Chat - 256bit Encrypted

With the new version for Cloud Chat 3 we have built in the long awaited Group Chat. With the group chat feature we have taken it to the next nevel and encrypt all messages with a strong 256bit encryption.The ...

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https:// domain problem

Hello,I install my script to my http:// domain.When I add my widget code to my https:// site not work.. How to fixed?THANKS

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