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HelpDesk - Change Logos

Change images and logo is quite simple you only need to replace the graphics with your own. You will find the graphics on following locations: img/ico (all the icons) img/logo.png img/logo_med.png ...

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Change favicon and logo

Coud you please tell me how to change favicon and logo? I know in the frontend can change logo but I have tried that and no succes. Thanks.

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Logo and IE 8 & 10

Hello,1) I have found that when using IE 10 on windows 10 that errors appear, for example sometimes when you logout from an operator console some times a browser error appears, for example (this page can not ...

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email logo

Good Morning,Could you possible tell me where I can change the logo on the emails, and could you also tell me how to edit the email footer?ThanksMark

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