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LCPS Admin

From all our customers requested now available. The administration panel for managing your Live Chat PHP Servers and Clients.Main Features Manage clients from all your locations. Semi manage clients with ...

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Help Button / Link

HelloCould you let me know which file is include the help redirect link into admin area menu neav bar as i would like to change the redirection link from www.jakweb.com to my personal one.thanks

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Super Admin Access

Hi there i i just bought this wonderfull cms but i run into a problemI'm the first user (super admin) on my site and becouse I'm the first one i think i don't have to chance this ...

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Admin Login

Hello, do you have a way to change admin password or find it if lost, as of weeks now I cant login to my super admin account for help desk script???

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no access admin

Unable to access admin, write / admin and redirect, any ideas please.

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Can't acess back-end for administration

Hello,After the last update I reinstalled the script completly !I don't understand why the web browser outputs the front-end page after I that I have entered my admin credentials in the login page : ...

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Acess back-end for CMS

Hello,As you advised me to do in previous ticket, I re-downloaded and re-installed the CMS....But I STILL CAN'T ACCESS IT'S BACK-END FOR ADMINISTRATION.Previous ticket : ...

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Operator Admin

Hello, I´m trying to ad admin operators with some admin permissions, and I cant create operator users with those permisions, how can i set them up?Thanks

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CMS Bootstrap3 admin

Hello,I installed CMS Bootstrap was my hosting location. The installation was successful, but the admin interface can not reach! When I write that domain.hu/admin, jumps to page main page. What is the ...

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