FAQ - HelpDesk 3

Helpdesk 3 - The next generation support desk system

Translate HelpDesk 3

Before HelpDesk 3 - Version 3.6HelpDesk 3 is fully multilanguage capable. The translation is easy and can be done right on the client side.As an operator with access to Answers/Text or as a super operator you ...

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Logo, Template and File Structure

This article will explain how to change the logo, add a new template or simply remove the copyright link back to our site.The file structure is as with all our software logical, that means the name of the ...

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How to start with HelpDesk 3

This is the how to start guide for a fresh installation of HelpDesk 3. After a succesful installation you should decide which way you want to go.HelpDesk 3 has a build in payment system for your clients. The ...

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HelpDesk 3 - Api

HelpDesk 3 has a great client api integrated. You can integrate this into your own website where your client create a user or change their data or delete their user profile. You need curl installed on your ...

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Cron Jobs for HelpDesk 3

HelpDesk 3 will need to run 3 cron jobs to have all features working correctly.All cron job files are in the folder cron and should be kept there otherwise you will need to modify the path inside the ...

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Minimum Requirements for HelpDesk 3

HelpDesk 3 needs following minium requirements. PHP 7 or higher MySQL 5.6 or higher / MariaDB 10 or higher 1 Databases (can also be shared) cUrl enabled zlib enabled (Auto Updater) SSL ...

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