CMS - Breadcrumbs no.2

11.12.2015 357
Assigned to: CMS Option: Feedback Status: Open Solution: No From: bluesatkv

Hi Jerome,

We solved breadcrumbs in this last ticket

The final code has been

<?php foreach($jakcategories as $ca) if ($ca['catorder'] == 1 && $ca['showmenu'] == 1) { echo '<a href="'.BASE_URL.'">'.$ca["name"].'</a>';}?>

It has one small mistake.

$ca['catorder'] == 1 is same for two category, for 'Home' and 'Sitemap'.

Conflicting situations:

Category 'Home'  have settings 'Show in Header - YES'

Category 'Sitemap'  have settings 'Show in Header - YES'



It is possible to set another catorder for Home page and Sitemap?

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