Support Tickets - Why Permissions of 0777?

Why Permissions of 0777?

HelpDesk 12.11.2015 787 Support Status: Closed Solution: Yes jaycryder

Ok so I just installed the system and there are a heap of directories and files all with open permissions. 
My web hosting security policy will not allow folders with 777 & files with 664 permissions. 

Please advise what permissions are absolutely necessary as when I allow the Helpdesk to have these permissions I get a 500 error. 
If I then change them to 755 & 644 the helpdesk works but when I update /operator/index.php?p=webtext&sp=belowhome I get the error on save, error 403 you dont have permission to access operator/index.php
Please reply asap as I am trying to get it completed.

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