Support Tickets - live chat installed in a subdomain

live chat installed in a subdomain

Live Chat 28.10.2015 657 Support Status: Closed Solution: Yes fgamba

Hi Jérôme, nice to meet you.
I tried the solution you mentioned in your email, open the include/db.php and replace the subdomain for just the mail domain but that didn't solve the problem, url are still malformed and with http:// twice.

Everytime I click on any submit button on the dashboard the redirection goes to *** link removed *** and by the way, that is not the address where the application was installed, it was installed under the subdomain.

Is there a problem with that? was the chat system conceived to work only in the main domains? install the app in the root domain will not solve the issue as the client only wants the chat system for a specific subdomain.

Any suggestions will be welcome and if you want to take a look, please ask me for credentials.


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