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Improvement and Questions

HelpDesk 27.09.2016 274 Support Status: Closed Solution: Yes kvsocial


Had some feedback for improvements and a question.

Since the 1.8.2 update the software is logging me out super fast and 'remember me' doesn't seem to work (yes my browser accepts cookies). Any idea how this is possible, how to fix it? Not sure if its a bug but is annoying for sure.

Improvement suggestions:
- Add option to delete emails after fetching them via IMAP
- A button or something visual to test IMAP connection when setting up the imap fetch accounts
- Switching departments is hard:
- For every 'save' action you are using POST and redirect; it would be so much more user friendly and faster to use ajax for all this.

- Have option to use multiple SMTP sender configs (just as fetching) for the different projects. At the moment we can only send emails from one smtp config.

Liking it so far! We'll start using it in production soon now.


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