Support Tickets - Where is the home page and how to edit it?

Where is the home page and how to edit it?

HelpDesk 16.09.2016 1821 Support Status: Closed Solution: Yes SkilledH

1. We would like to create a home page something similar to

Which file to edit?

This is our current site

2. How to switch off Live Chat?

3. How to allow guess user to log a ticket?


With this API we can foward user login (email) and password and this can save into the Help Desk System?

Thank you.

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  • avatar Jerome

    Thank you for opening a ticket with us.

    1. Do you mean to have a switchable theme? That is programmed specially for demo purpose and uses an iframe, only good for demonstration of the responsive design. To change all the text and design of HelpDesk please go to your operator panel - settings - front text.

    2. Go to your settings in your operator panel and switch off live chat

    3. You will need to go to your web project / departments and allow guest access

    4. That is correct.

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  • avatar SkilledH

    1. What I mean is how to create a page similar to this, not an iframe.

    5. In the back end there is Web Project and there is Front Text. What does it do and how to link these pages?

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  • avatar SkilledH

    Thanks for that.

    What would be the front end address to view the home page? -> this is not the correct page for Home.

    Bse on this link Front Text > HOme my page contains "This is the header text and can be changed in the operator panel. Have a look around in the most intuitive help desk software on the web."

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  • avatar Jerome

    No certainly not, there is something missing on your server. Please make sure all files have been uploaded correctly, the index.php file is missing for sure.

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