A complete help and support solution.

The all in one solution contains: live chat with engage customers, auto responds, SMS service, departments, chat to support ticket. Support ticket system with email piping, php imap, attachments, cron jobs, unlimited departments and operators. Frequently Asked Questions database with unlimited categories and web projects. Client management with integrated api for easy integration into your current website. Everything can be embed into your website with just copy/paste a provided code from the operator panel.

HelpDesk Main Features

Professional support tickets, Frequently asked questions (FAQ), Client management, Live chat, Email and SMS notifications with Twilio/Plivo/Nexmo, Unlimited operators, Five operator permission level, Operator private and public chat, Operator chat logs, AJAX, jQuery, Bootstrap 3, HTML5, CSS3 valid, Clean and neutral design, Fast and secure.

organised support solution

there is more...

Never miss a customer again, deliver first class support, create FAQ databased, operator conferences, operators private chat and all that without special modifications on your web server or mobile phone.

We have build Twilio/Plivo/Nexmo and email notifications into HelpDesk which can send you a text/email message each time a customer or a client needs your help in the live chat, that means you don't even need to wait in front of your screen for a customer the whole day and desktop notifications will get your attention anyway.

support front end

Mobile Support

Today, what would be a software without mobile support? All our softwares are build with the famous and latest Bootstrap framework, but not just that all have been optimised to run on mobile devices, smart menus and other modifications so it works like an app, but without an installation!

With HelpDesk you don't need to be at home at all time and because HelpDesk works on all mobile devices you can login and answer the questions even when you on the road.

full mobile support

Multi Language Support

English, German, Spanish, French, Greek, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish and Turkish are already included. Translate HelpDesk into your own native language is very easy and will take less then 1 hour.


Clean, beautiful and simple. We have kept the client side as clean as possible so it is easy to adapt it to your own design.


Demo and Purchase

Our demo for HelpDesk is waiting for you or head straight to our shop and get your license today.

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