Cloud Chat 3 - Version 2.1

Cloud Chat 3 - Version 2.1

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We have released Cloud Chat 3 - Version 2.1 which includes various new features and fixes all reported bugs in the live chat and administration panel. Run the Auto Updater for the Live Chat Server and replace a few files for the administration side.

Change log

  • Added the option to have free packages
  • Added extra area to admin panel for translation
  • Added update wizard for the admin area
  • Added DSGVO Checkbox
  • Dashboard is now complete manageable via admin area
  • Improved client transfer
  • Removed subscription checkbox when stripe is not set
  • Fixed multiple operators
  • Fixed operator selection in widgets
  • Fixed Desktop Notifications
  • Fixed live preview typing
  • Fixed statistics
  • Fixed issues in templates
  • Fixed path when renamed operator folder
  • Various small bug fixes
  • Updated Bootstrap to 4.1.1
  • Updated to the latest Medoo
  • Improved stability and speed

Update Instructions

Always read the included update manual in the download package! update/update.txt


From version 2.0 or newer just run the Auto Updater. In case the Auto Updater is not available, upload all folders/files from the update_chat folder. After uploading all files and folders run the update wizard located in


Replace all the files from the updated_files_only_2.1/admin_signup/ folder and uplaod the upload/admin_signup/install folder as well. Run the update.php wizard and delete the install directory.

App Source Code

For all CC3 customers the app source code can now be purchased in our shop. Please read and fill out the license agreement for the app carefully before purchasing.

Buy Cloud Chat 3

Are you interested in building your very own Live Chat Business? Cloud Chat 3 will provide you with everything you need! Included is a complete administration panel for managing your clients, a sign up page the same as here: (can be customised of course, pure HTML), the complete Cloud Chat 3 with payment integration, subscriptions and membership control plus world class support access. IOS and Android Apps native app access straight from the App and Google Play Store.

Contact us, start a chat to discuss the details, or purchase your complete license in our online shop: Cloud Chat 3 today.

Thank you very much and we whish you a successful business

Small bug reported in CC3 - Version 2.1

We have received a bug report when using the link instead of the live chat widget. This has already been fixed and if you download the software from our server there is nothing to worry. If already installed, please download the software from our server and replace following files:

  • upload/chat_server/config.php
  • upload/chat_server/index.php

In the next couple of days we will release a bug fix release via Auto Updater in case you can wait.

Comment(s) (3)

  • avatar Jerome

    Now available for the admin area 2.1.2 and for the chat server 2.1.3.

    - Added a new template for the chat server
    - Fixed a bug where all operators are online when changed status
    - Fixed a bug in the Rest Api
    - Fixed a bug in the EU Privacy Box

    When updating via Auto Updater please make sure the new template "slideout" is working fine, sometimes it can happen that the Auto Updater does not set the file permissions correctly in this case simply connect via FTP and upload the package/slideout folder again.

    09.06.2018 0 Reply
  • avatar Jerome

    We have just released a new version for Cloud Chat 3.

    - Improved client chat
    - Improved file sharing
    - Fixed contact form
    - Fixed quickstart double post
    - Fixed language phrase update
    - Fixed language for business hours
    - Updated Database Class
    - Updated Dropzone

    27.06.2018 0 Reply
  • avatar Jerome

    Bug fix release for Cloud Chat 3.

    - Changed / Fixed IP to Geo Service
    - Fixed single operator in templates

    05.07.2018 0 Reply

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