CMS 1.4

CMS 1.4

About JAKWEB 17.11.2015 2057

We are happy to announce that CMS 1.4 is on his way.

Two new features have been implemented, the brand new Slider plugin and the brand new category manager. As always we run a few live tests first, then update the demo and finally it will be available to you. That way we make sure everything is fine and there are no major issues with the new release.

Slider Preview

Category Manager

Change Log

- New Category Manager, Drag and Drop (up to 5 levels)
- New Slider Plugin
- Changed Navigation handler for templates
- Updated tinyMCE to the latest version
- Fixed bug in sidebar (left/right)
- Fixed date bug in Blog, Download and Tickets
- Fixed various small bugs

As always as soon as it is available you can go to your administration panel and run the auto updater. From now on we also included the changed files only in the download package, so if you have any custom modificiations it will be easier for you to apply it to the new files. Thanks again for all the feedback and suggestions.

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  • avatar Jerome

    Demo is up and running! For all our customers the latest version is available through Auto Updater or in our download area.

    Thanks again for the feedback now enjoy CMS 1.4.

    19.11.2015 0 Reply
  • avatar Jerome

    We have released CMS 1.4.1, a bug within the new category manager, left and right sidebar and icons in the footer has been fixed.

    Thank you for all the reports.

    22.11.2015 0 Reply
  • avatar Jerome

    We have released CMS 1.4.2.

    • Fixed ticket ID 36, 37, 38, 39, 40
    • Updated tinyMCE editor

    Thank you for all the report and enjoy CMS 1.4.2

    23.11.2015 0 Reply

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