Template build menu

edited May 2017 in CMS Modifications

New test build menu for creating menu. Better than function 'jak_build_menu' in 'include/functions.php'

- add class 'active' for page in submenu
- now without 'active' class for home page



  • Great contribution, thank you.

  • Thanks Jerome :smile: and thanks for your works. I like your CMS because your works is basic for my learning PHP. I'm a bad programmer, but I'm getting better.

    I have custom modification and I have custom CMS with your basic php code and with many improvements.

    I'd love to see more programmers come up to improve the system.

  • edited May 2017

    How should I understand it with basic php code? ;) The goal with any code is to have it secure, simple and comments on the right place.

  • My custom CMS have your php code from your CMS, but I have many improvements :-)

  • That's how it should be, there is no software that does everything for everyone.

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