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CompareLightFree*Live Chat 319 USD*Cloud Chat 3365 USD*HelpDesk 339 USD*Install on your ServerNative App for IOS and AndroidHosted Chat Solution (SaaS)Sign Up PageClient ManagmentPayment ModulesIntegrates with ...

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Live Chat WebSocket

Unlimited departments and operators, file sharing, standard responses, ProActive passive and active, SMS report, extended statistics. Latest Version 1.0

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WebSocket Minimum Requirements

Live Chat WebSocket our best live chat solution hosted on your server. Please find here the minimum requirements for Live Chat WebSocket.SSH Access to your web sever or able to run a CLI Daemon thru a command ...

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WebSocket - Run PHP Daemon

The best way to run the PHP Daemon is thru SSH and with a Session. That way you have total control what is going on with the PHP Daemon and you can access the session any time you want.First open a ssh tunnel ...

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WebSocket - Browser Compatibility

Live Chat Websocket supports the latest standard called RFC 6455. Following browser supports WebSockets today.Internet ExplorerSafariFirefoxChromeIOSAndroidBlack BerryOpera10+6+11+16+6+4.4+7+12.10+All modern ...

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WebSocket versus Ajax Requests

What is the main difference between WebSocket and AJAX Requests.First speed, if a websocket connection is established you are constantly connected to the websocket server and both parties can send data in real ...

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WebSocket - PHP Daemon as Server (Debian)

To run the PHP Socket Server as a service we created a bash script for Debian / Ubuntu and it should also work on other linux based server with slight modifications.The bash script:#! /bin/sh### BEGIN INIT ...

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WebSocket - Daemon with Upstart - Ubuntu / CentOS

With Ubuntu you should have upstart installed by default and therefore the daemon can be installed even easier.Create a new script file at: /etc/init/jakchat.conf with following content:# Infodescription Live ...

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Forgot Password

The forgot password function in Light, Business and Websocket is not working when used with other than the english language.That bug has been fixed and will be included within the next release.If you can't ...

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