Helpdesk 2 - Stand alone The complete way to help your customers The all in one solution contains: live chat with engage customers, auto responds, SMS service, departments, mobil notifications, chat to ...

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Ticket Attachements

Ok, so when creating a ticket for admin, it says I will be able to add attachments later, yet, I do not see where I am able to do this: screenshot link removed Can you please instruct? this is a High Necessity ...

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Confused Client Register

Hi, I just set up my board, and I love it - but when I register as a userI can't find away to start a new ticket?? I must have missed something in the setup ?? canyou please point me in the correct ...

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All clients see all tickets?

Hi,Great tool, thanks!Is it possible for clients to see all tickets, as you have on your site?Thanks

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