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HelpDesk 1.3

We are pleased to announce the release of HelpDesk 1.3. We have implemented all the features you have requested and fixed all the bugs you have reported. We have also improved SMTP sending and implemented a ...

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CMS 2.1

Happy 4th of April! We are proud to release CMS 2.1 with a brand new template called Mosaic, CMS now offers 2 templates within the package with almost unlimited options. We have not just added a new template ...

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HelpDesk 1.9

We are happy to announce the availability of HelpDesk 1.9. We could have called it version 2.0 because we have changed over 150 files, but not yet.Chat and tickets are now sorted and searched via datatables, ...

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HelpDesk 3 - Version 3.5.8

We wish you a great start into the new week with a new release for HelpDesk 3. It is now available in Version 3.5.8 with new features, library updates and bug fixes.Changelog Improved SMTP and Email sending ...

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SMTP Email Settings

With live chat Business and WebSocket you have the possibility to send emails via PHP Mail() or SMTP. Standard after installation is PHP Mail() which will work fine in 99%, however some clients prefer to send ...

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HelpDesk - Web Project SMTP / Mail()

Since HelpDesk 1.9 each Web Project can have his own SMTP connection. Web project A will receive and send emails from address A, Web project B will receive and send emails from the email address B.You can ...

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Email Adresses, PHP Imap and SMTP

HelpDesk 3 has many options like sending emails via PHP Mail(), SMTP or fetch email accounts to create tickets and so on.Very important is that you do not mix or use the same email address for the same ...

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SMTP Connect() failed

SMTP Connect() failed. Please help me to rerair this sections . Error Screenshot: http://s2.postimg.org/r2v3jsv95/Error_smtp.png

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Configure SMTP

Hello.After setting all Live Chat I came across another problem.To send email SMTP connection use. I set all the parameters of the Live Chat and when I click test SMTP email system hangs and nothing happens.To ...

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