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Live Chat PHP/MySQL/Javascript

It's beautiful What is Live Chat 3 It's beautiful, simple and it works! Live Chat 3 will ...

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SMS Script

Send a text message with Nexmo from your own server. All messages and contacts are saved for later use, password protected and cheap to run.

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Facebook Like Button

I'm sure you have seen the new facebook like button?! Like it?We do, actually that is one thing that has been asked for ages and finally they build it into the system. In this article we build a facebook like ...

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Live Chat 2.3

We are happy to announce the new version for Live Chat Business. Version 2.3 will come with a lot of new features, some requested quite a while ago, finally all available. Up to 3 PHP GET vars to start the ...

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Useful PHP Functions

Today we will share some really useful PHP functions that will make your life easier and faster when creating new code.PHP functions are great to reduce and simplify your code. As soon you use a code more then ...

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MySQL Plugins Table

When creating a plugin you need to store anything about your plugin in the the plugins table, the structure of this table looks like this:Should be easy to understand if you know MySQL a little bit. However ...

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HelpDesk - Minimum Requirements

You will need a quality hosting enviroment with following requirements.The web server must have PHP and MySQL with one available database.Minimum requirements for your web server:Minimum PHP 5.3Minimum MySQL ...

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Shop - Minimum Requirements

You will need a hosting package with following minimum requirements.The web server must have PHP and MySQL with one available database (can be shared thanks to prefixes).Minimum requirements for your web ...

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