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2 different login pages

Hello,I'm integrating your script (great script BTW) In my script I have a support activation script through the API. The ones that activate the script I would like to redirect (by button and link in the ...

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Helpdesk client login disable

Hi Jakweb,I love helpdesk! I would like to know if there is a way to disable client login. This is my situation, I have helpdesk ticket form client side shown through an iframe. All of that works, but the ...

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Admin Login

Hello, do you have a way to change admin password or find it if lost, as of weeks now I cant login to my super admin account for help desk script???

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Directory/URL path bugs on login and home pages

Hello,Prior to give you the bug description, please note DIRECTORY and URL paths that may help to understand what goes wrong. The script is located in a folder that I self named cms1, and was installed through ...

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User account after first Ticket

When I try to open a ticket in the system from user already has an account, I get the attached error message

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Can't acess back-end for administration

Hello,After the last update I reinstalled the script completly !I don't understand why the web browser outputs the front-end page after I that I have entered my admin credentials in the login page : ...

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Acess back-end for CMS

Hello,As you advised me to do in previous ticket, I re-downloaded and re-installed the CMS....But I STILL CAN'T ACCESS IT'S BACK-END FOR ADMINISTRATION.Previous ticket : ...

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Open Connect or Login from another app

Hello, we`re trying to connect from another father application where this Helpdesk and Chat give support, but we want to use the same users that we already have in the other system. Is there a way to share ...

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