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Teacher Plugin - SlideOut

We are proud to announce our first plugin for our products Live Chat 3, HelpDesk 3 and Cloud Chat 3. The teacher slideout chat plugin will give your website a perfect tool for tutors or teachers. ...

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Live Chat App - Update

Our native iOS and Android apps have been updated to improve performance and fix some issues that have been reported recently. We have also added a brand new feature which allowes you to change the app ...

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Bug Fix Release / June 2019

First we want to say thank you for all the support and purchases! Without you it is not possible to continuously improve the software and add new features.We have released a new version for all our four ...

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Black List Url

Black list Url's is a simple feature to hide the chat on certain pages. Let's say you don't want to show the chat on a particular page, just copy and paste that URL and create a new entry in your operator ...

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Manual Engage Visitors

In all our solution you have the option to automatically engage customers with setting the URL and other parameters but you can also manually engage customer by going to the Online User List.By clicking either ...

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Change Language after Installation

Our software will install by standard in English. After the installation you can of course change the language to the one you like, for that following steps are necessary. Make sure your language is ...

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Sending Transcript / Chat Conversation

Sending or requesting the chat transcript after ending the chat is possible for both sides, the client and the operator.Client SideFirst you will need to make sure that the client can request the chat ...

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Different Chat Styles

We have many options how to display the live support chat on all our solutions. Each of our software has a build in live support chat with at least 4 templates which each has many different ways how to display ...

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Change Theme and Sidebar Style

You can change the colour and sidebar style with each of our software. Please go to your operator profile and look for following options:Enjoy small and big sidebar plus various theme colours already build ...

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