Client Live Support Chat Features

That's how your client will see the chat Online ...

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WordPress - HelpDesk Bridge

This is a WordPress plugin that shares the user database from WordPress with HelpDesk, it will create clients automatically in HelpDesk and will log them in as well.Operator can be synchronised with HelpDesk ...

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LCPS Admin

From all our customers requested now available. The administration panel for managing your Live Chat PHP Servers and Clients.Main Features Manage clients from all your locations. Semi manage clients with ...

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HelpDesk 3 - Beta

HelpDesk 3 is now in Beta. It takes us a bit longer than expected but a public version will be available soon!At this moment we can provide a few screenshots from the operator and client side. The features are ...

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HelpDesk - Client Api

HelpDesk has a great client api integrated. You can integrate this into your own website where your client create a user or change their data or delete their user profile. You need curl installed on your ...

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Heartbeat - Client control

Live Chat Business does check every x seconds if the client has left or not. That is important otherwise the operator is talking to a client that does not exist anymore. It works the same way the other way ...

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LCPS - How it works for the client

How does it work in LCPS (Live Chat PHP Server) for the client side?For all our LCPS license holder remember all is included from the sign up form for the client to the single operator server to the complete ...

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News Postings

Hello, I have created 6 News Postings by admin and allowed clients to see, yet only 3 show to the client?? is that on purpose? if so, can it be changed?

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Helpdesk client login disable

Hi Jakweb,I love helpdesk! I would like to know if there is a way to disable client login. This is my situation, I have helpdesk ticket form client side shown through an iframe. All of that works, but the ...

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