HelpDesk 1.8

We are proud to announce the availability of HelpDesk 1.8. The complete support solution has now an integrated Chat Bot. We have also added a wilcard engage (proactive) feature, that allows you to fire the ...

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Live Chat 2.6

We are happy to announce the new version for Live Chat Business. Version 2.6 will come with a lot of new features, like wild card proactive (engage) and a brand new chat bot. Wildcard Engage / ProActive ...

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Cloud Chat 3 - Version 2.5

Happy June and Happy New Cloud Chat 3. We finally finished the new release for Cloud Chat 3, Version 2.5 has a complete rebuild of everything.The last update was back in October and you had to wait a long time ...

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Live Chat 3 - Chat Bot

Live Chat 3 has an integrated Chat Bot which you can setup as you like and match your use.The Chat Bot will answer questions automatically as long there is no operator connected, means the client is waiting ...

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How to Start with the Chat Bot

The build in Chat Bot on all our products is to keep the customer busy until a operator joins the chat. It is not an offline chat bot.It is fairly simple how to start with the chat bot, here we will explain it ...

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