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6 Month Support

Important for all our Envato customers you can purchase the support extension also with Envato, no different. Extend your support for Live Chat 3, HelpDesk 3, Cloud Desk 3 or Cloud Chat 3 for another 6 Month.

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Bug Fix Release / June 2019

First we want to say thank you for all the support and purchases! Without you it is not possible to continuously improve the software and add new features.We have released a new version for all our four ...

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Cloud Desk 3 - Version 1.0.7

Happy March, we have just released a new Version for Cloud Desk 3. We want to say thank again for all the reports we have received over the last 30 days. Without you it is not possible to continuously improve ...

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Manual Engage Visitors

In all our solution you have the option to automatically engage customers with setting the URL and other parameters but you can also manually engage customer by going to the Online User List.By clicking either ...

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Change Language after Installation

Our software will install by standard in English. After the installation you can of course change the language to the one you like, for that following steps are necessary. Make sure your language is ...

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Ticket Rating

Ticket ratings have been available since quite a time and that is how it works.To automatically send tickets out after closing a support case, the ticket needs to be closed for good. Means a soft close won't ...

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Change or Remove Copyright

How to change or remove the visible copyright notice in Cloud Desk 3.First of all please read carefully our license agreement if you not have already.To remove the visible copyright notice in the operater, ...

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Sending Transcript / Chat Conversation

Sending or requesting the chat transcript after ending the chat is possible for both sides, the client and the operator.Client SideFirst you will need to make sure that the client can request the chat ...

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Secure File Upload with Cloud Desk 3

Cloud Desk 3 has a complete file sharing feature built in.Now that is great YEAHHHHH, but also a big security risk if used wrong. Therefore we really suggest to use a folder outside the web root which is not ...

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