Button Control - HelpDesk

HelpDesk will give you a lot of options how and where you can place the live chat button without any coding knowledge.You have three/four options for buttons: slide out. slide up. button with slide up and pop ...

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Button Wizard

The new button code wizard is available since version 1.4. It is super easy to use and will create your button embed code in no time.Before Live Chat Business 2.0 Please always copy the one stylesheet right ...

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Buttons - Client Chat

Live Chat has many ways to display the live chat for the client. You can also upload your own image or use a simple link and do almost anything you want with it.Slide UpThe slide up can be displayed in the ...

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HelpDesk Live chat button

How to add the button Live chat business button like on your demonstration site at the bottom right ?

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custom buttons appear not on the site

custom buttons appear not on the site ! I went up the buttons in PNG with yourname_on name and yourname_off as requested in the tutorial and pasted the code put the code can not call the image. ...

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Button won't slide

Hello again :) Everything is working great so far! Im just having one minor issue. The button won't slide up. When I click the button on the site it opens up the chat in a new window. It also seems to be ...

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chat button just says please wait

Hello. Im having an issue where when im not online so someone who wants to chat has to add their email and name, once they hit submit the button just says please wait and nothing happens from there. How can I ...

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multi operator button

is there a way to build a multi operator button. I am not seeing in the opetions I can only pick one operator.Can i use somethign like opid=1,3,4 etc in the script

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Can you please show any example how to put button code on any website. Live Chat and Support Button.I tried and put code in here your code. and next code here. under body. but its not working.Regards.

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