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Slider covering the website pages

HelpDesk 04.08.2017 99 Support Status: Open Solution: No jfeuzeu

Hello,1) When an operator opens each page on the website (, the  slider (I have a customed HD) covers the far right of the website everytime, and this is annoying when changing pages. try to login with these credentials to see: user: teach1   psw: demo it possible to auto-resize the website so that, when the HD slider opens up, it fits on the far right of the screen? 2) There is an empty space only at the bottom of the footer on this main page of Not sure if this is related to HD or its configuration. I have created a staging server (duplicate of the site for development and testings) here and it doesn't have that much space a the bottom of it's footer. Not sure if it's because HD is not operational on the stating server. Jerome is aware of these issues.Sincerely,Jacques
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