Support Tickets - Live Chat 3 - Issue and missed functions.

Live Chat 3 - Issue and missed functions.

Live Chat 3 03.08.2017 53 Feedback Status: Closed Solution: Yes PeopleInside

Live Chat 3 - Issue and missed functions.1. Sound message are played on every new message only for the visitor side. Should be the same in operator side or should be an option to decide in the operator side to receve a sound for every visitor message. This is useful on longer chat and is something I really need.2. If visitor close the chat widget chat still be opened.3. If chat is closed by the visitor the feedback screen should be showed, actually the widget is only hidden with the not ended conversation4. When you see feedback screen also if you vote you will be unable to start a new chat if you do not reload the page. This is not very good should be: if widget are in the feedback page and is closed new open widget should show new chat form or you need to put a button in the feedback page who let you decide to start a new chat.5. bug: start a chat than in operator side write in sequence 3 message where in each message are assigned a number: message 1, message 2, message 3In visitor side will be showed operator: message 1, message 2, message 3now in operator side press the trash icon for the message 3: message 3 are correctly hidden in visitor chat.Click the trash icon for resume message 3, message 3 are correctly showed again into visitor chat. repeat this for message 2 and 1 you will see that also if you deleted message 2 and resumed message 2 will result showed in operator side but not in visitor side.
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